Is PewDiePie about to lose his YouTube crown?

Is PewDiePie about to lose his YouTube crown?

Felix 'PewDiePie' Kjellberg could be about to lose his status as the most subscribed YouTube channel.

Despite all of his controversy, Kjellberg's channel has held the title since December 2013, with over 65 million subs. It also hit 18 billion views back in June, the first gaming channel to do so. 

However, a challenger is brushing alarmingly close to that record. T-Series, an Indian music label, is hot on the heels of Kjellberg with a cool 59 million subscribers.

Statistics tracker Social Blade predicts that T-Series will overtake PewDiePie in the next couple of months, given the rate of growth for the two channels.

The data shows that T-Series is gaining an average of 142,203 subscribers per day, whereas PewDiePie is only bringing in 29,980. If the trend continues, T-Series will overtake PewDiePie in October this year.

Unworthy competition

The comparison is a little off given that T-Series is a network and PewDiePie is a gaming channel run by one man, but it's been a long time since anyone came close to knocking Pewds off the top spot.

It was Kjellberg himself that pointed out the rivalry in a recent video. It's not a serious call to arms, just Kjellberg waving a sword about and telling T-Series to "fight him irl". 

Whether Social Blade's projections are accurate - we'll have to wait and see. Perhaps Kjellberg can rally enough support to put a little more distance between himself and T-Series before autumn rolls around. 

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