Instagram unveils new features designed to combat online bullying

Instagram unveils new features designed to combat online bullying

Instagram is currently trying out new features with a strong focus on anti-bullying.

The updates were explained at Facebook's annual F8 keynote, by Instagram head Adam Mosseri.

One of the features includes a “nudge” given to a commenter when the app predicts they will leave a negative comment on a post.

While that won’t stop a user from commenting if they want to, it’s an extra step taken by the platform in order to encourage people to be less negative and hopefully stop bullying before it begins.

Customised interaction

Another feature being tested is the ability to manage communication with specific users.

Instead of completely blocking them, a user can customise the kinds of interactions they see from them, such as preventing a user from commenting on their posts.

In addition, Instagram is also testing out an “away mode”, which will let users step away from Instagram activity and notifications temporarily, instead of outright deleting their account.

The feature is meant for people who are dealing with hardship and it gives them the opportunity to take a break from the platform.

According to Mosseri, the features could begin rolling out to the public if the tests prove to be successful. No official date or window was given of when that might happen.

Facebook and Instagram are also part of a project run by the Samaritans, which aims to combat online bullying and provide support to those being targeted via social platforms.

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