Streamers kick off following Logan Paul’s arrival on Twitch

Streamers kick off following Logan Paul’s arrival on Twitch

Logan Paul’s semi-arrival on streaming service Twitch has led to an eruption of concern among established streamers.

Yesterday we reported that Paul’s channel – which has yet to stream a single video – had amassed 100k followers in just a few hours. That number now stands at over 230k. Paul has, in the modern parlance, promised fans that his first stream will be “so lit”. That means ‘very good’, for those of you over the age of 30.

The reaction from established Twitch streamers has been largely negative. Dmbrandon has said that he doesn’t feel Paul should be welcomed onto the platform, adding: “I feel if you're doing enough to get demonetised on YouTube, then we likely don't have space for you on twitch, which is already becoming pretty rank with offensive memes and harassment.”

Dilligaf is also displeased: “Dear, Logan Paul. Keep your toxic ass on Youtube. Sincerely, Everyone on Twitch.” (Note that Dilligaf's Twitter handle contains two middle-finger emojis.)

Esports consultant Rod Breslau was equally as welcoming, saying: “You make fun of suicide, you clickbait videos including recently Ninja, you manipulate young kids for your content, and I am absolutely positive you are straight garbage at video games. We don’t want you on Twitch. Keep the trash away. Sincerely, everyone.”

Streamer Katie Peters went straight to the source, encouraging Twitch to act without granting the benefit of the doubt: “Twitch: please carefully think about allowing Logan Paul a place on our platform. Consider the future of Twitch and what path you want it to take.”

Benefit of the doubt

Certainly, even without any actual video content, the chat section on Paul’s channel is already a sight to behold and is bulging at the sides with racist memes and spam.

Some streamers, however, have adopted a more constructive attitude.

“Why is everyone concerned about Logan Paul coming to Twitch?” H1Z1 pro KandiVan argued. “That’s a very large influx of new viewers being brought to the platform. I don’t follow his content, can someone explain to me the downside that apparently I’m missing?”

Twitch partner summit1g concurred, adding: “I don’t think people should be upset at all about Logan Paul on Twitch. The amount of people he can bring over from YouTube can only be a good thing for the site and has potential of some of those people staying and lurking other channels. Use your business mind on this one dudes.”



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