Logan Paul hits 100,000 followers on Twitch and plans to stream Fortnite

Logan Paul hits 100,000 followers on Twitch and plans to stream Fortnite

YouTube's largest trail blazer, rat taser and all round hellraiser Logan Paul has set up a Twitch channel

In just a few short hours the channel managed to amass over 100,000 followers, before Paul had streamed a single thing. 

Coinciding with his new found interest in livestreaming, Logan Paul released a vlog yesterday titled 'What the heck is a Fortnite' in which he goes out and spends $6000 dollars on a new gaming PC to kickstart his new Twitch career.

"I really hope this pays off," Paul stated in the video. "I really hope I like this game."

What is a Fortnite?

Logan is not the first Paul to suddenly show an interest in Twitch; his brother Jake Paul has also set up a gaming stream team.

Fortnite is having a supreme effect on creators of late; the game has become extremely popular with gamers and non-gamers alike. Twitch streamer Ninja streamed the battle royale title with rapper Drake last week. 

His personality aside, Logan Paul carries a level of influence wherever he goes, and that will include Twitch.

There doesn't seem to be any word on when Paul plans to run his debut Fortnite stream yet. And as they say, no news is good news.




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