Cheez video app to reward creators and viewers with cryptocurrency

Cheez video app to reward creators and viewers with cryptocurrency

Mobile content-featured blockchain project Contentos has partnered with mobile app developer to introduce cryptocurrency to video app Cheez.

As reported by Tubefilter, users can earn tokens by liking, comment and sharing videos. Those tokens can then be used to purchase premium content and features, such as directly messaging creators.

Creator rewards

Creators meanwhile will get rewards linked to publishing content, and the performance and engagement of those videos, as well as the ability to post longer videos and gain better exposure.

Initially rolling out on Cheez, the partnership will eventually expand to integration into the LiveMe app in future.

“With Contentos, we’re building a foundation for a truly fair and open digital content industry that puts creators at the very centre of the ecosystem,” said Contentos co-founder Mike Tsai.

“Regardless of the type of format the content is - video, music, photos, etcetera. - we believe creators should be fairly compensated and should be able to retain ownership of their creative work while still building direct relationships with advertisers and fans.”

The deal will also see a reboot of live trivia game show QuizBiz in Taiwan, with users able to earn COS tokens by correctly answering all 12 of the show's questions.

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