Buzzoole launches new tool to battle influencer marketing fraud

Buzzoole launches new tool to battle influencer marketing fraud

Influencer marketing Buzzoole has unveiled a new tool that will help business and brands counter fraud.

The company has developed proprietary technology to help identify fake accounts, fake followers and fake engagements or interactions over social media.

The new tool will help to deliver brands to popular influencers who could guarantee real audiences, engagements, and results for their respective campaigns.

It will also dive into Instagram accounts to analyse and collect data in order to ensure accounts are authentic. This will include:

  • Reach/followers: Checking the reach to follow ratio of an account to confirm authenticity
  • Engagement/reach: Establishing the value of a post by the interaction it receives
  • Profile views/follower growth: Using Instagram and Facebook Insights to gain data on how many times an account is clicked on, compared to how fast it accumulates new follows.
  • Online followers/followers: Buzzoole can see how many active followers an account has to rule out users with large yet inactive followings.

Fake friends

An internal study found that 15 to 20 per cent of Instagram accounts have used fraudulent means to grow numbers and engagement rates.

Since its inception, Buzzoole has been at the forefront of the battle against influencer fraud," Buzzoole CCO Ian Samuel comments.

"The key in winning this battle is first party, opted in data from platforms like Instagram. If you are using algorithms based on poor or erroneous data then you are going to get the wrong recommendations and the wrong outcomes.

“Plugging into this data means we can perfectly match influencers to briefs, deliver rich analytics on campaign performance and deliver clear guarantees on brands only engaging with the highest quality influencers.”

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