Gillette and Twitch team up to reveal Gillette Gaming Alliance

Gillette and Twitch team up to reveal Gillette Gaming Alliance

Streaming platform Twitch and razor manufacturer Gilette have partnered up to launch the Gillette Gaming Alliance.

The alliance is made up of 11 streamers from 11 countries, Italy, Poland, Turkey, Japan, Russia, Spain, Brazil, South Korea,  America, Germany and the UK.

This new partnership will help to push the “Bits for Blades” promotion, an initiative to give viewers the opportunity to earn Twitch Bits that can be used to donate to and support streamers on the platform.

Twitch viewers can purchase Gillette products through Amazon or other third-party vendors and earn up to 250 Twitch Bits to use towards their favorite streamers.

The Gaming Alliance will also be serving up a special event at TwitchCon Europe next month.

The bits a man can get

“The Twitch community thrives on being able to directly support their favorite streamers both emotionally and financially, and seeing that support show up on screen is an added bonus," said senior director of global sponsorship at Twitch, Nathan Lindberg.

"Through ‘Bits for Blades,’ Gillette is empowering fans to completely support their favorite streamers and be recognized for it by their peers, all because of their affinity for Gillette products.”

Global marketing director at Gillette, Jaweria Ali, also commented: "with our history of partnering with the best in class in sports and entertainment around the world, and as an early non-endemic brand playing in the gaming and eSports space, Gillette is proud to take this next step with Twitch and align with the best streamers from around the world.”

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