Instagram's guidelines on when to ban an account are changing

Instagram's guidelines on when to ban an account are changing

Instagram is making an effort to change up some of its policies when it comes to banning accounts.

As it stands, accounts are allowed a certain number of violations before more action is taken by Instagram to remove the account.

Some accounts found a loophole with this, which allowed them to get away with more violations the more active they were posting new content. However, that is now changing with Instagram now taking a firmer stance on the number of violations an account is allowed.

With the new policy, accounts will be removed after an undisclosed amount of violations and an undisclosed window of time. This will be the same for every user that is on Instagram, with the company not sharing the number of strikes or violations an account will be allowed before being banned.

Instagram hopes that doing so will prevent more accounts from trying to take advantage of its system and find other loopholes around its new rules.

Changing the game

This change follows parent company Facebook's decision to ban a number of accounts connected to far-right and controversial figures.

Instagram has recently announced a number of changes which could impact how users interact with it. During Facebook's F* show, the company unveiled a new design which could see 'likes; completely hidden from view on posts.

It's also taking steps to improve bullying and harassment on the platform with new features designed to combat bad behaviour at the door. This new system alongside stern rules suggests Instagram isn't messing around when it comes to safety and transparency.

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