YouTube users complain after Logan Paul notifications pushed out to non-subscribers

YouTube users complain after Logan Paul notifications pushed out to non-subscribers

YouTube has said it’s sorry that users who are not subscribed to Logan Paul were sent notifications alerting them to his comeback video.

The apology came after one user took to Twitter to say: “Are you kidding me YouTube!? I’m having a hard time receiving accurate notifications from my actual subscribed channels and this crap pops up!? I’ve never once clicked a video of his... at least try to hide the favoritism...”

YouTube’s official account replied: “Our bad! We fixed it so that only Logan subscribers will get it going forward. Apologies for the spam!”

Although not a major calamity, the issue of notifications is a particularly sore one as for quite some time some users have been caught in a back and forth with the video company about the subject.

What seems to be a glitch that prevents users receiving notifications from channels they subscribe to has cropped up in the YouTube system a few times over the last few years. Several large creators have blamed the problem for their sometimes erratic viewer numbers, and certainly many users have presented direct evidence of the issue in action.

YouTube has repeatedly denied that there’s a technical problem (or indeed that the problem exists at all) and has instead blamed the perception – as well as claims of fluctuating subscriber counts – on its efforts to purge the site of spam and bot accounts. It has been speculated that it all could be tied to monetisation or content filtering algorithms, but again, this remains pure guess work.

“Our Search & Discovery and Monetization systems operate independently,” YouTube told Polygon in December. “Whenever a creator uploads a video to their channel, all subscribers will see the video in the subs feed and are eligible to receive notifications, regardless of the monetization status of that video.”



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