Shroud claims to have lost thousands of subs after streaming WoW Classic, but that's not a problem

Shroud claims to have lost thousands of subs after streaming WoW Classic, but that's not a problem

The release of World of Warcraft Classic has seen content creators return to the game in droves. One streamer to do so is Michael 'Shroud' Grzesiek.

Grzesiek has been grinding through WoW Classic for the past couple of weeks. In a recent broadcast, the streamer commented that the switch to Wow has likely cost him 'two or three thousand' subscribers.

The comment was prompted by a message in Twitch chat, which claimed that Grzesiek had lost 5000 subscribers since moving over to WoW. 

“Realistically, I’ve probably lost two or three thousand, because you still lose subs normally. I don’t gain subscribers playing other games," Grzesiek said in response to the message.

"I was at my peak, and then the peak starts to fall. So not five thousand, probably three, which is still a lot, but when you’ve got to play Wow, you’ve got to play WoW!”

Change of pace

The game is a switch-up from his usual content; the streamer is mostly known for playing battle royale titles such as PUBG and Apex Legends. He's also a former professional Counter-Strike: Global Offensive player. 

Grzesiek is also one of seven streamers contending for the top spot on Twitch. He's quite often the most-watched creator on the platform, rivaled by the likes of WoW streamer Asmongold, Fortnite pro player Tfue, and fellow battle royale enthusiast and retired CS:GO pro Summit1g. 

Back in May, StreamElements awarded Grzesiek with a plaque to commemorate his achievements on Twitch so far. These include the day he hit 100 million views and amassing over 100,000 subscribers.

Of course, sacrificing a few thousand subscribers in order to play WoW is a drop in the ocean for Grzesiek. When asked whether he was worried about what WoW was doing to his viewership, the streamer simply responded with "Eh, not really". 

Grzesiek's current commitment to WoW Classic is also impacting the game's prowess on Twitch too. For the second week running, WoW has topped our most-watched games chart. Last week, the game racked up over 10 million more hours-watched than the reigning king, Fortnite. 


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